We do not just prepare clients taxes. We provide advisory, education for maximum planning, tax benefits, credits & deductions to minimize tax liabilities and maximize refunds.

We like to help our clients in any way we can! We offer services such as, reading over your IRS documents, informing you what your next steps are for you to complete what was requested. We help you resolve any IRS debt or problems you may have. So come on in and bring your IRS documents for them to be looked over and resolved.

Remember your credit report records rely heavily on installing loans, credit cards,  auto loans, mortgage loans and etc. We offer solutions to resolve your credit history as well as a method to get back on your feet financially. It is important that you take care of your credit record if you ever think about buying a new car, a new home, or other future expenses that would require a credit report history.

We specialize in servicing all your notary needs starting from:

Travel consent for minors and others

Power of Attorney

Loan Documents

Real Estate Docs

Witness Signature


We review and/or exam any bookkeeping concerns you may have. We also view your financial status and help you operate your business efficiently. Citifund Financial will supply you with the right equipment necessary such as,  financial statements and reports, bank and credit card reconciliations, full-service accounting, cash balance tracking and etc.

Company entitles bookkeeping quarterly / annually reports. Payroll. BOE sale tax audit quick books. You’ll receive the proper  tools you need to manage expenses and optimize cash flow. We offer advice that is dependable in order for you to open all opportunities and resources to make this a successful journey for you and your business.

​*We will train our clients individually on Quick books and even help you set up your software.

We put together the necessary resources to make sure you have a smooth and fun transition into becoming a new home owner or buying your second property.

Why we are different?

Citifund Financial uses your Tax Profile to look at an overview of your financial status and expenses to make sure you are buying wisely if you are becoming a new home owner or you are buying your second, third, or even fourth property. We want to make sure you are comfortable and excited knowing your overall financial status so you can be in a right path to make this a successful transaction with zero worries of possible obstacles in the future.